Monday, June 20, 2016

Skeleton Krew (2015)

 Darragh Clancy

WRITER: Darragh Clancy


Desmond Bird
Dorcas Reamonn
Darragh Clancy
Desmond Daily
Janine Hardy
Gerry Wade
Izii Monet
Gary Rutledge
Justyna Koss
John Dixon


A company that is going into foreclosure has a skeleton crew working the twelve-hour late shift in their large warehouse. The warehouse is in an isolated and industrial area and one by one a killer is seeking revenge on the company for firing them and begins to murder the crew. The crew must try and survive the night and escape the clutches of this mentally deranged killer.

So when I initially came across Skeleton Krew. I was immediately drawn to the movie based on the poster. I thought it was quite smart and had a very retro feel to it. I was yet to see a trailer and hadn't heard anything about the film itself. I expected at worst we might have a cheesy slasher and at best we might have an amusing throwback to the seventies or eighties horror movie like Ti West's brilliant The House Of The Devil. After watching this movie, I was wrong on both accounts. This is possibly the worst horror movie I've seen in the last decade.

This film begins by revealing the only person to escape the central plots twelve-hour massacre. This is the film's first major problem. Because we are shown this character and a title card that explains twelve hours earlier. We immediately know who is going to survive this horrible ordeal. There is no element of surprise on what's going to take place or even a shock twist at the end. The movie just follows the standard stalk and slash plot and offers nothing new at all regarding slasher cinema.

When it comes to quality, Skeleton Krew feels like a film school project. This feels like the sort of movie that you would make with your friends on the weekend with a cheap digital video camera and practically no budget at all. Sometimes these movies can be the best type of indie horror film when imagination and creativity come into practice. I would have been happy if the film had a cinema-verite style, but within this film, it's just a badly made movie across the board.

The movie is set in Ireland and has an all-Irish cast. I lived in the United Kingdom for close to two years and met many Irish people in my time and understood them. Here I felt like I needed subtitles while watching the film. The sound production in Skeleton Krew is abysmal. As I advised above, the quality of filming feels like it was all done on digital video and this may have also affected the sound quality as I really struggled to understand a lot of what was being said here. At some points in the movie, the sound quality became inaudible.

The editing in this movie is a massive drawback as well. A lot of the scenes are quick cut and edited to the point where the movie looks choppy and poorly edited. Anytime that the movie features a scene that contains a chase or a character is killed off. It's so poorly edited that it renders these scenes unwatchable. A lot of the kill scenes are done in a way where you can clearly see they didn't have the budget for blood or gore effects. So the scene starts with the weapon already being placed at that spot with all the characters falling over to make it appear like they have been murdered. It's just hard to watch.

When it comes to the gore and blood effects, I mentioned above the editing is done in such a way that it hurts the quality of the kills. No murder or death scene in the film is actually shown in its entirety. It's all off screen or done in a way where we only see the aftermath, and if anything is shown, it's set up where they apparently need to do it around the film's very low budget. I'd be shocked if you told me this movie had a budget higher than a few thousand pounds.

Skeleton Krew also tries to inject humour into the story that ultimately falls flat. As an example, we have a scene where we see three of the crew members go to a bar while the murders are taking place and get kicked out when one hits on a random girl and talks about her tits. How about the odd lunch room exchange, the news reporter, and her hecklers or the second false ending where we see two people having a picnic and are murdered after a sexual exchange between the two. None of the scenes are funny or feel like they fit in this film.

Lastly, the acting is absolutely atrocious. I can't class this cast as actors or actresses. This is just a group of friends who came together and created a cheap looking horror film. I couldn't even find a standout or one person or the character they played who I thought even tried to deliver a good performance. Yet when the villain is revealed, I thought maybe, just maybe the lousy quality would lend the film some over the top and maniacal killer, but even that failed in the aspect.



- A bloody corpse is shown.
- Someone is stabbed to death with a pocket-knife.
- Someone is strangled to death.
- Someone is gutted.
- Death by way of drill.
- A Throat is slashed.
- Someone is shot in the head.
- Someone has their head bashed in with a hammer.
- Someone is hit in the back of the head with an axe.

(Note: All Scenes are off-screen or aftermath only)

I can't even remember the last time I watched a slasher this bad. I honestly couldn't find one redeemable feature about this film. Every single technical aspect of this film is dreadful. The direction, the editing and sound design are bad. As is the acting, the blood and gore effects and even the credits are of low, Microsoft movie maker quality. This has all the makings of a film school project that lacks any creativity. Worst movie I've seen in a very long time.

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