Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016)

 Paul Feig


Paul Feig
Katie Dippold


Kristen Wiig
Melissa McCarthy
Kate McKinnon
Leslie Jones
Chris Hemsworth
Cecily Strong
Andy Garcia
Micheal Kenneth Williams
Matt Walsh
Bill Murray
Dan Aykroyd
Ernie Hudson
Sigourney Weaver
Annie Potts
Charles Dance
Ed Begley Jr.
Zach Woods
Karan Soni
Neil Casey
Michael McDonald


High school friends Erin and Abby are two paranormal enthusiasts who once wrote a book about the paranormal. Both of their lives have taken different paths, and when Abby puts the book back on Amazon for sale. Erin fears it will be seen as crazy, and she will lose her teaching job. When video surfaces of Erin claiming that ghosts are real, she is fired from the university as they fear it will ruin their reputation. Jobless, Erin decides to join Abby in her paranormal research, and they discover that someone is trying to release an otherworldly threat on Manhattan.

As a youngster in the late eighties and early nineties. I was never really that hot on the entire Ghostbusters craze. Being that I was born in 86', I never got or understood all the hype. Being that I was so young at the time and when I did finally come of age where I could start going to the cinemas, Jurassic Park was unleashed on my world. I was blinded to anything else that was released before or after that movie. Missing the craze, I never had that obsessive love and devotion for the two original Ghostbuster films. So I went into this with an open mind.

From the first moments that this reboot was announced, it didn't stand a chance. I don't think a comedy has caused this much controversy since Seth Rogan and James Franco's North Korean parody The Interview. Once it was released, the controversies didn't stop. Leslie Jones who is one of the stars of the movie was hacked and racially abused online in a sickening display of keyboard warriors attacking her in the vilest of ways. An actress merely doing her job and it turned into something so horrible. The somewhat reported poor box office take also spelt disaster for the studios who had invested so much in the reboot.

When the first few trailers and promotional material were released for the reboot. I was worried as I'm sure many fans of the original film were as well. The trailers tried to deliver the laughs and ghostly gags, but nothing was landing for me personally. It seemed like a miss before even seeing the film. Everything that was released just fell flat. This was a worrying sign as the original is seen as a classic supernatural comedy. It's also worrying because this remake has four of the funniest actresses working in film today and a very talented comedy director at the helm in Paul Feig.

After watching the reboot of Ghostbusters, everything I feared had happened. The biggest flaw with this latest incarnation of Ghostbusters is that it just isn't that funny. Clocking in at over two hours, the movie is very sparse when it comes to the laughs. While the four leading actresses all do their very best to deliver the goods, the gags never really land. In the entire two hours, I think I may have laughed maybe five or six times. While it may be suitable for regular comedies, it's not when you have this much talent on display in Ghostbusters. A sad state of affairs.

The visual effects that are on display in this 140 million dollar production also fell short for me. While the original was made in 1984, I found myself thinking that the original looked more well done compared to this reboot. That's a scary thing to say when you think about how far visual effects have advanced in 32 years. A lot more CGI is thrown around with less practical effects work, and it really shows in the film. I think the original has this schlocky type of look to it that the reboot foregoes all of that for polished effects that aren't all that great in the end.

I think the film's biggest win is the chemistry between all four leading ladies. Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon all do their very best with the material they are given. I can't fault that these women are incredibly talented actresses when it comes to comedy. I think what lets them down is the writing and material they are given. I also need to give props to Chris Hemsworth who steals the show as the Ghostbusters, male receptionist. He gets a lot of the biggest laughs in the film.

The supporting cast is filled to the brim with great comedic talent. The biggest laugh in the film is delivered by SNL's Cecily Strong. I still laugh to myself when I think of her telling the news reporters that the 'four women are all crazy and they must have read Eat, Pray, Love once and ran with it'. Still the highlight of the film for me. I think what will get the movies most significant round of applause is seeing all the original members returning in small cameos. Loved seeing Annie Potts and Sigourney Weaver return in cameos.

Lastly, I think I need to delve deeper into the comedic aspect of the film a little more. When I mentioned earlier that the movie falls flat, I think this is probably down to the fact that a lot of the comedy feels like the ladies doing improv. A lot of the jokes seem to go nowhere, and this is probably down to Paul Feig letting these talented ladies go and roll with it and letting them do their own thing. While it works for something like SNL, it didn't always work in this reboot.



(No actual blood or gore is shown)

- A ghost vomits green goo on someone.
- Someone is thrown from a window to their death.
- A spirit enters someone's body causing them to leak snot and vomit.
- Lots of exploding ghosts.

The movie is very PG-13 friendly.

The reboot of Ghostbusters is sadly hit and miss for me. I really wanted to enjoy this much more than I did as I'm a fan of all involved in this movie. The negatives end up outweighing the positives. The movie has a talented comedic cast but minimal laughs. A lot of the jokes end up falling flat and being that the movie is a big-budgeted visual effects-heavy film, the effects aren't all that great. The best moments in the movie come from the nostalgia of seeing the original cast cameoing in the movie.


  1. Absolute Shite.

    1. Had this been on the same level as Spy, The Heat and Bridesmaids in term of comedy, I think I would have rated this movie a lot higher.

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