Friday, August 05, 2016

In The Deep (2016)

 Johannes Roberts


Johannes Roberts
Ernest Riera


Mandy Moore
Claire Holt
Matthew Modine
Santiago Segura
Chris J. Johnson
Yani Gellman


Lisa and Kate are sisters who have decided to take a holiday to Mexico for some sun, fun, and relaxation time. Lisa has agreed to come along after her boyfriend ends their relationship due to him being bored with Lisa. When Kate finds out, they decide to do something adventurous by going cage diving with sharks. This will be the sisters very unlucky day when the cage breaks away from the boat, and they end up 47 meters below on the ocean floor surrounded by sharks.

Rewatching In The Deep or better known now as 47 Meters Down since it's theatrical release. I am able to provide an updated review and revise previous comments made about the film that I initially watched it back in 2016 when it went straight to DVD in the UK. While I still enjoyed the film, I found more flaws this time around in it's much publicised theatrical release. Like a huge plot hole involving the underwater character conversations and a tacked on happy ending.

With every new year, we seem to see more and more shark movies getting released. The vast majority of these films are produced by the Syfy channel and end up being cheaply put together and dreadful. The Sharknado films are probably the exception to the rule as they have become somewhat of a television event and cult phenomenon. So when I saw the poster for this movie, I was expecting another poorly put together shark film with a lot of cheap effects but boy was I wrong on this one.

In The Deep is a movie that starts off almost immediately. We are given a little bits of exposition as to where Mandy Moore's character is currently at in her life. Which sister is the fun, party-loving one and which is the serious, uptight one? We get a glimpse of just how close both these sisters are and it's enough for me to start to care for these two characters. It takes all of fifteen minutes before we start getting into the creepy shark based stuff.

The movie from the moment that the shark cage breaks off the winch and cable and plummets to the bottom of the ocean floor. In The Deep, is a wildly entertaining ride. The movie really doesn't stop trying to elevate the tension, and for the most part, it succeeds in keeping the audience on the edge of their seat. I found myself watching the background of every single shot, looking for the shark, thinking it would suddenly come out of nowhere to attack. I liked this element.

Regarding the suspense and tension, I think the movie delivered. It rarely slows down or allows time for the audience to catch their breath. For a movie that is basically set almost entirely within a cage at the bottom of the dark ocean with only minimal time outside the contraption, the movie worked with delivering enough substantial scares that I didn't even see coming. I was pleasantly surprised because I was expecting the worst from this film.

I think the biggest issue that I had with In The Deep was the end of the movie. Be prepared for some [SPOILERS]. There is a neat little moment thrown in towards the end that inspires some form of hope only to be ripped away from the audience. I was onboard with this ending until the writer and director add on what feels like a typical happy Hollywood ending. Had they ended the movie at this very moment, and rolled the credits a minute earlier. I think the film would have scored a higher rating.

Concerning the cinematography, this movie is pretty dark but still very well filmed. In the first, fifteen minutes or so of the movie, it's all sun and fun and the only real time that the movie features any light. The rest of In The Deep spends most of its time on the dark depths of the ocean floor. With only a few scenes involving the glow of red flares and torches, the movie is pretty much devoid of colour for the next hour. I still think this is a great looking film.

When it comes to the visual effects of the sharks in this film, they are fantastic. I was honestly expecting some cheap Syfy looking sharks, but this movie is on par with the effects work in The Shallows if not better at times. They look vastly more real than a lot of sharks that I've seen in more significant budget films. I take my hat off to the company that did all the visual effects work in this movie because it's very well done.

My biggest gripe in the movie is the communication between the sisters while under water. I didn't notice on my first viewing and was alerted on Twitter to the fact that they are communicating by radio in their masks. However, the mask does not cover the ears. So for the entire time that the two characters are talking to each other, they shouldn't be hearing it. Once this was revealed to me, I couldn't unsee it. A huge plot hole that really does lose the film points. It's an eyesore.

Lastly, the acting is great. I can't fault the performances. Both Claire Holt and Mandy Moore are our main focus and spend most of their time struggling for air, fighting off giant sharks and trying not to die. I think Mandy Moore is extremely underrated when it comes to her acting. She can deliver fear and play scared with the best of them, as can Claire Holt who I know from the Charles Manson series Aquarius. Both actresses have great chemistry. Matthew Modine who may be the most seasoned actor has the smallest part as the boat captain.



- A bucket of chum is thrown into the water.
- A guy is grabbed by a shark.
- The aftermath of a body bitten by a shark is shown.
- Someone is taken by a shark.
- A shark bite to the leg.
- Hand cut open with a spear.
- Leg cut open while trying to pull it out from under a cage.
- A gaping leg wound.
- A shark is seen chewing on someone's thigh.

In The Deep joins The Shallows in being one of the most entertaining 'shark' films of 2016. The movie is fast-paced and never really slows down to allow for the tension to subside. The acting is solid, the visual effects of the sharks are tremendous, the film is suspenseful and well made. The only real issues that I had with the movie are the ending which feels like a bit of a copout and the gaping plot hole involving all of the communication between the characters Not enough to kill the film but it hurts the final score of the movie.


  1. I prefered shallows over into the deep. I thought it was a lot more scary.

    1. After my second rewatch of Into The Deep or now better known as 47 Meters Down. It lost a point or two. It's still a pretty entertaining film I must say. Loved the FX and the characters.