Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Paranormal Sex Tape (2016)

 Dick Van Dark

WRITER: Dick Van Dark


Darren Munn
Amber West
Dick Van Dark
Ricky Stain
Shaine Sherlock


When Scarlet and her boyfriend Jack decide to make a sex tape, little do they realise that they will capture a demonic entity with their amateurish footage. Soon, Amber starts getting the feeling that this demonic entity is following and watching her. She decides to make more sex tapes to see if she can try and capture the entity. As the presence of this spirit makes itself more well known, Amber begins to lose her sanity.

When I got my hands on a copy of Paranormal Sex Tape. I was under the impression that I'd be witnessing a comedy horror or parody in the same vein as Scary Movie or A Haunted House. The title of the movie itself conjures up images of cheesy gross sex scenes and terrible jokes. The poster is also a clear piss-take of the entire Paranormal Activity series. Not once was I expecting to see anything other than a parody of those films mentioned above?

Once Paranormal Sex Tape begins, I was as shocked as you were to probably discover that this movie takes itself entirely seriously. There is not one ounce of comedy to be found in the film. This is as deadpan as it gets. I think the fact that this movie plays it completely straight is one of the movies first significant problems. Had this played it for laughs, I think I may have enjoyed the film a lot more. Being as serious as it is and with that title, it just makes no sense.

The production quality of Paranormal Sex Tape is amateurish at best. This has all the look and feel of a home movie. I get that it should be due to the fact the film is about the recording of a sex tape but its inferior quality. I would be shocked if you told me that this movie cost more than a few hundred pounds to produce. This feels like the type of production that a real couple and a few mates got together to make as the movie has a lot of scenes that feel very intimate and graphic.

The vast majority of Paranormal Sex Tape's seventy-minute running time are scenes of our couple filming sex scenes spliced together with footage of them walking around London. The film isn't much more than that. The sex scenes within the movie also feel very voyeuristic and almost real. I feel like this movie was one penetration shot away from needing to be sold in an adult shop. While never showing actual penetration, it still felt very gratuitous.

A lot of the scenes that involved sex were also repetitive. Director Dick Van Dark feels like he's been taking filming lessons from watching Gaspar Noe movies. I get that he tried to add some flair to the sex scenes, but it wasn't great. We have a lot of flashing colourful lights, night vision shots, and a swirling camera that never stops spinning. It becomes nauseating. A lot of scenes here just linger on our female star as she shows off her body and acts sexually suggestive towards the camera.

The movie also contains very little dialogue. In the seventy minutes of running time, I found that maybe fifteen lines are uttered throughout the entire film. The characters never really converse other than our main star moaning on camera. With what little dialogue do hear, none of it is ever about their backstory or character development. We are never given an explanation as to where this demonic entity came from or why it wants to hurt the couple. It's all very confusing.

Paranormal Sex Tape also lacks suspense and scares. Every time our demonic entity is on screen and is grabbing at our female lead with the store purchased claws and garments, it becomes unintentionally hilarious. The rape scene at the end of the film featuring the demonic entity who decides to anally rape the boyfriend is also pretty entertaining. While it tries to come across as disturbing, it feels more silly than scary.

Lastly, the acting is absolutely atrocious. Amber West as our female victim who is apparently here for the talents of showing off every part of her body and not for her acting ability. Darren Munn as her virile boyfriend is also here not for acting but the fact he doesn't mind dropping his pants. There is also Shaine Sherlock who plays a drug dealer who likes to masturbate on camera. All in all, this is not exactly an award-winning cast of actors.



- A woman bleeds from her hands.
- Vomiting up blood in a bathtub.
- A bloody scalpel is shown.
- A demonic spirit rapes a guy and breaks his neck.

When I went into Paranormal Sex Tape, I had imagined a parody of the Paranormal Activity series. I expected gross-out sex scenes and a lot of silly comedic gags. What I got was an amateurish movie made in someone's apartment where we watch this couple fake having sex for seventy-minutes. With terrible performances, poor camera quality and a deadpan tone, this is a misfire and a missed opportunity to take the piss out of the Supernatural genre. You could have gone so many different ways with a title like Paranormal Sex Tape and you missed every opportunity.

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