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She Kills (2016)

 Ron Bonk

 Ron Bonk


Jennie Russo
Trey Harrison
Michael Merchant
David Royal
Jody Pucello
Martha Zemsta
Niecy Cerise
Mateo Prendergast
George Cooper
Nathan Bonk
Matt Mendoza
Kirk LaSalle


Sadie has just married the man of her dreams. On their wedding night, the two are targeted by a gang known as 'The Touchers'. The group spends the night living out their sick and twisted fantasies with Sadie after killing her new husband. Once the daylight hits, Sadie turns to a Psychic who performs a ritual that turns Sadie into a revenge-seeking, killing machine who wants to destroy the gang for taking away her innocence and her husband.

When I began watching She Kills. I had no idea what the movie was about or what it would eventually descend into. I was expecting a throwback to the grindhouse era of film, and while I got those two elements in spades. This movie was beyond anything that I expected regarding content. The movie is probably the craziest and most over the top movie experience that I sat through in 2016. On my repeated viewing a year later, this has won me over. I had to up the rating to give this one a positive instead of a negative.

Recently, I suffered through a two-hour zombie anthology called Empire State Of The Dead. The movie turned out to be my least favourite horror movie of 2016 to date. It was a movie that had the wraparound segments which were directed by Ron Bonk. He just so happened to write and direct She Kills. So when I saw his name pop up on the screen, I was immediately worried that I was in for another movie of the same type of quality. The difference this time around is that She Kills lends itself to this very kind of micro-budget, cheap, and over the top looking comedy horror film.

She Kills is apparently based on an actual novel called 'She Kills With Her Crotch'. So you know exactly what type of movie you're about to sit down and witness. She Kills has all the makings of being the perfect grindhouse film. We have the Terrible acting, cheap visual effects, gore, and taboo subject matter. The movie almost feels like the less serious cousin of I Spit On Your Grave and Last House On The Left. The movie in this case just takes things so much further but adds a hugely comedic element to all of the proceedings.

While I wasn't initially a fan of She Kills. I get exactly what the movie was trying to do and be. It was also a gigantic step up from the dreadful Empire State Of The Dead. I think this is the type of film that you need to watch even once just to witness all the batshit insanity that's thrown at the audience. This has midnight 'cult film' written all over it. While I may not have loved it on my first viewing. I think this film may find a niche audience somewhere down the line. It's a movie that grew on me on repeated viewings. One that deserves a drinking game with friends.

No subject is seen as taboo in She Kills. The movie ticks pretty much every box that you can possibly imagine. We have rape, cannibalism, revenge, a man-eating vagina, animal abuse, jizz, incest, sex, murder, castration, nudity, explosive diarrhoea, and the list goes on and on. She Kills plays most of it for laughs, and at times it had my mouth agape with all the craziness that I was witnessing. For that, I think She Kills deserves a few points. It's a riot, to say the least.

The movie is also filled to the brim with references to other films and has a ton of homages within. We have possibly the weirdest plot turn involving the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents. We have a laser space battle between a lesbian psychic, Satan and all-seeing eye. A vagina unleashing what appears to be the Kraken. We also have a UFO, a 70's dance sequence with glittery star transitions and an Alien Tongue coming out of a vagina to combust a henchman's skull. I can guarantee you won't see anything like She Kills.

The gore is meant to be cheap looking, and the acting is expected to be horrible and over the top. Nothing in this movie should be taken seriously, and I can't fault it as a negative. It plays exactly how it should when delivering these elements. I must say that it's a rather brave performance from Jennie Russo who plays Sadie as she spends most of this film completely naked and wearing a giant merkin. It's not a movie that you'd see many actresses play and she deserves a round of applause being so brave to take it on.

Lastly, I think the directing from Ron Bonk is a step up from his wraparound work on Empire State Of The Dead. I'd relish the chance to see what Ron Bonk could deliver with a substantial budget behind him. Who knows, though, he may enjoy dabbling in micro-budget horror and spend the vast majority of his career making these type of horror films. I think this is a step in the right direction for him regarding quality and that's saying a lot seeing as this movie is devoid of precisely that.



- A man is consumed by a woman's vagina.
- Someone is strangled with a pair of testicles.
- Two people are killed in an explosive car crash.
- A lot of men are shot in the penis.
- A penis is chewed off.
- A man is donkey punched.
- A woman inserts a broken beer bottle in her vagina.
- A man is raped by a broken beer bottle.
- Someone collects and eats people's cold sores.
- A dog is ripped in half and then hit by a car.
- A man is swung around a room by his intestines.
- An alien comes out of a woman's vagina and busts someone's head.
- A man's hand is dissolved when shoving it into a woman's vagina.
- Knives in the hand and face.
- Vagina lips completely dissolve a man.
- Kicked in the balls till they vomit up their own testicles.
- A throwing star in the head and penis.
- Someone's head is ripped in half.
- A woman's boob is torn off.
- A woman is repeatedly punched in the vagina.
- A hamster is stomped on.
- A woman's vagina rips off a man's penis.

She Kills is a movie that will divide most audiences. You'll either love or hate it. On my first viewing. I was split down the middle. I didn't know how to take it. I gave it a five out of ten because it was nothing as I had expected. On a second viewing, a year later. I grew to love the absolute sanity that this movie delivers. It's far from perfect but this is a hilariously disgusting movie where nothing is off limits. The film deserves to be seen if you enjoy Grindhouse and exploitation.

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