Monday, August 08, 2016

She Was So Pretty (2016)

 Brooke Ewing

WRITER: Brooke Ewing


Whitlee Finn
Amanda Butler
Garrett Chewning
Justin Ewing
Chris Parsons
Jerry Larew
Natasha Parsons
Rayna Smith
Elvis McComas


A group of mates decide to head to a secluded cabin in the mountains for a weekend away so they can drink beer, camp, and party the weekend away. Little do the group of friends realise that one of the girls in their group, a girl by the name of Valerie who is being watched, stalked, and hunted by a disturbed individual. He's had his eye on her while following her for weeks, this will be his perfect time to strike.

Before watching She Was So Pretty. I had never actually heard of this movie. I hadn't even seen the poster or any promotional material in conjunction with the film. I went into this blind. So going in blind, I hadn't hyped the movie up at all. When I finally sat down to watch the film, I was hoping for at least a movie that scared or even shocked me. After watching She Was So Pretty, I got none of that from this very uneven indie serial killer flick.

When I began watching the movie. I was getting the feeling that Brooke Ewing may have been trying for an almost offbeat homage to Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer. The movie begins while we follow a serial killer around the streets, on the hunt for women. The movie while nowhere near as dark as Henry still gave me that feeling. We have a lot of close up shots of the killer as he waits and watches on the streets and it almost feels voyeuristic in its approach.

I found that She Was So Pretty was quite lovely to look at pretty early on. One scene, in particular, was a scene where we linger on the killer as he stands on the street just waiting and it must've just rained, and all the neon lights of the shop signage are just bursting with blurry colours. I thought this was a lovely scene to look at and admire on a cinematography level. These type of scenes are scarce in this film for the next hour and twenty minutes is all rather dull.

The scenes with our disturbed serial killer were the scenes that I enjoyed the most in the film. Once we divert away from his character and focus on the group of friends, I found this to be the downfall of the movie. Once the group of friends appear, all the acting becomes so horrible that I couldn't stomach all the cheesy dreadfulness. We are also introduced to one of the worst police detectives I've seen in a film in some time. Even the switch up or some might call it a twist towards the end of the movie wasn't enough to save it for me.

The most prominent issue with She Was So Pretty is that it all amounts to nothing in the end. The film spends most of its time, very slowly building towards an ending that doesn't go anywhere or offers up much of anything. We only spend an hour and a half following around a killer who by the end, just ends up being lazy and complacent. He offers no real threat or danger. The entire movie feels like it's flatlining. The choice to call this a horror movie feels almost like an insult.

That brings me to the point of the suspense and scares. This movie doesn't contain either, and this may have been the goal all along. I did mention above that the film is decidedly offbeat and weird. It may have been the director/writers intention to play it that way and not a general stalk and slash type of serial killer flick. Not once did I feel like the movie was eerie or creepy. I didn't once sit on the edge of my seat during any of the interactions between the killer and his victims. It all just feels horror-lite.

When it comes to the movies gore and bloodshed, the movie does have a few nastier moments that may disturb some queasy viewers. There is a scene involving blood and a toothbrush that is probably the most stomach-churning scene in the movie. This is clearly an indie production so don't expect a lot of realistic looking gore and violence, but when it was shown, I'm sure it will weird out some of the more easily disturbed and shocked viewers.

Lastly, the acting in the film is dreadful. I found 99% of the cast to be utterly awful and irritating. The only person who I think did their role any justice was Jerry Larew as our killer. He almost looks like Marilyn Manson out of makeup. His character didn't require him to speak much at all and plays the disturbed killer quite well. He would be the only one that I could single out and mention as a standout, but he doesn't have much competition when it comes to his co-stars.



- A woman is stabbed in the side.
- A woman is stabbed in the back.
- Someone brushes their teeth with blood.
- We see someone sawing off someone's foot.
- A severed head is chucked into a river.
- A girl is strangled to death.
- A man is seen licking a woman's open wounds.
- Drinking the blood from a bloody cloth.
- A blood-soaked floor.

She Was So Pretty starts off interestingly enough but very quickly descends into an extremely slow and lifeless serial killer flick. The movie over the course of the hour and a half amounts to nothing at all. With terrible acting and irritating characters, you might as well look anywhere else. If you want a disturbing film about a serial killer, go and watch Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer instead and invest your time elsewhere. This movie is a big fat dud.

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