Monday, September 19, 2016

I.T. (2016)

John Moore


Dan Kay
William Wisher Jr.


Pierce Brosnan
Anna Friel
Stefanie Scott
James Frecheville
Michael Nyqvist
Austin Swift
Jay Benedict
Adam Fergus
David McSavage
Jason Barry


Mike Regan is a self-proclaimed millionaire who has everything he could ever want in life. He is also on the verge of releasing his very own app that allows other incredibly wealthy people to book and track their private jets just like they would, an Uber. One day when he has issues with the internet at his top-of-the-line home. He asks his new computer software intern to help him out. When his interns start to become obsessed with his teenage daughter, things start spiralling out of control, and his life is thrown into chaos and turned upside down.

It hasn't been the greatest year for Pierce Brosnan when it comes to critics and his choices in films. It appears that he's had a pretty bad run with movies this year. It's now two for two when it comes to poorly reviewed films in 2016. First, they gave his drug thriller Urge a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, and now his cyber stalker thriller I.T. has an incredibly rotten 12% on that website. I found that I actually preferred Urge over his new film I.T.

Going into I.T., I noticed that it was directed by John Moore. John Moore is a director who has had a pretty terrible run with me. I've seen every one of his movies and not enjoyed a single one of them. Behind Enemy Lines, Flight Of The Phoenix, The Omen (2006), Max Payne, and A Good Day To Die Hard have all been somewhat terrible. I.T. sadly won't break that losing streak as he's delivered another dud of a film. The entire mess falls back on the writers of the flick.

When it comes to the obsession thriller, this movie is nothing new in the realm of the sub-genre. It's been done many times in the past and in many different ways. What I.T. tries to do is add it's own little twist for today's generation of tech-savvy people by adding a techno-thriller vibe to it. This is as many parts an obsession thriller as it is a cyber crime film. The best way I can describe I.T. would be to say this is a cross between Hackers and Fear.

The most prominent issue that this movie faces is that because this is a story that has been done many times in the past, it's all very predictable with where this movie will eventually lead and how it will all turn out. Being that this is a Hollywood production, this movie doesn't take any risks or add any shocks to the story. Had they dropped an extraordinarily dark and disturbing ending, I may have given this film a higher rating. Due to it ending exactly how I guessed it would, it wasn't a surprise to me.

The entire set up and eventual descent into obsession also felt incredibly silly. It's all a complete overreaction. Here we have a guy that ultimately tries to destroy an entire families life because he is turned away from dinner twice. This sets into motion a guy trying to ruin a millionaire's business, sending out a sex-tape of the teenage daughter and making a mother think she has breast cancer. The last one being the cruellest of the lot. This was the only time in the film that I felt like the movie had any balls to go to that dark place.

Visually, I found I.T. to be slick looking. This is John Moore who is known for handling bigger budget action films. So here he is doing a movie that is more confined, and he manages to pull it off with ease. The techno-thriller aspect is probably where we get the most visuals from the film. The movie gives us some incredibly wild looking shots whenever we enter the lair of our crazy villain, and when we are coming into the life of Pierce Brosnan's character, we get a very clinical and minimalist feel.

The acting is another aspect that ultimately took me out of the movie. Pierce Brosnan deserves a Razzie Nomination for his role. He is just woeful. He chews the scenery as well as overacts in every scene he is in. James Frecheville as our villain tries to match Pierce Brosnan on the over the top scale and almost succeeds at times. The standout for me if I was to praise any of the performances is Anna Friel who plays Pierce's wife with heart. Her breast cancer scare scene is one of the most heartfelt moments in an otherwise bleak film.

Lastly, I.T. lacks any real thrills or suspense in the movie. I mentioned above that this story is all very predictable and doesn't try to add anything different when it comes to the shocks or tension. Some may find the ending a bit on the edge of your seat, but if you've ever seen any of the dozens and dozens of obsession thrillers, you'll be slightly bored as this movie lacks on all fronts when it comes to being a thriller. They don't try for any really shocking character deaths to surprise the audience.



- Blood is seen running down a phone.
- Face bashed against a sink.
- A bloody fight.
- A man's head smashed against tiles.

I.T. is a movie that doesn't add anything really new to the obsession thriller. The film while catering to today's younger social generation who are all about technology will probably enjoy the story but for anyone hoping to see a thrilling movie about a crazed hacker stalking a family will be left sorely disappointed. The movie is predictable, the acting is horrendous, and it lacks suspense. Go and watch Fear with Mark Wahlberg as you will likely enjoy that movie much more.

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