Saturday, September 17, 2016

Range 15 (2016)

 Ross Patterson


Billy Jay
Nick Palmisciano
Ross Patterson


Danny Trejo
Sean Astin
William Shatner
Keith David
Mat Best
Mindy Robinson
Ron Jeremy
Ross Patterson
Martin Klebba


When a group of army veterans wakes up after a big night of fun and partying. They soon discover that a zombie apocalypse has spread right across the United States Of America. It's now up to this group of veterans to try and find any survivors while also trying to survive themselves in this new and very undead America. They'll even need to try and work on finding a cure to stop the zombie outbreak for good.

I've always enjoyed a good horror comedy. I also have a soft spot for horror comedies that skewer and parody the classics. I am even guilty of enjoying the first three Scary Movies. Yes, I'll go on record and admit that I even enjoyed Scary Movie 2. I think it's held up as the funniest of the series in comparison to the first and third films. When I saw Range 15, I thought I would give it a shot. While I wasn't expecting Zombieland when it came to the pinnacle of zombie comedy horror, I hoped for passable.

Range 15 is the type of film that I imagine the guys behind Super Troopers and Club Dread would have made if they were given a chance to direct a zombie comedy. The movie is an hour and a half of over the top jokes about drinking, sex, and drugs. This is pretty much the formula for parody films and is kinda ripe in the Scary Movie series which I enjoyed. I sadly found that Range 15 wasn't as smart with the comedy as the writers thought it might have been.

The movie throws everything you could ever possibly think of at the audience. It's as if a group of frat boys got together to make a zombie movie and chucked every idea on the table as to what they thought was hilarious, and it ends up making it into this film. No person or group is safe from the makers of this movie when it comes to the end of days and their mockery. They will be ridiculed or made fun of, the filmmakers don't hold back here.

The jokes in the movie range from Kesha being a man. A woman with no arms being screwed behind a dumpster. A woman taking it in the arse as she doesn't want to be impregnated. Two toddlers have their heads blown off. A guy has a blow-up doll glued to his penis throughout the entire film. Whisky is inserted into a someone's rectum to cure them of the zombie virus. A guy also has his penis ripped off by a midget zombie and many more stupid jokes. While I did giggle a few times during the movie, I still found this all rather silly.

The biggest win for Range 15 is the cameos in the film. William Shatner opens up the movie and has a pretty bloody death scene that will make his Star Trek fanboys pretty happy. We have Sean Astin showing up for a few minutes as a helicopter pilot. Keith David in a supporting role is as good as ever and lastly Danny Trejo as a zombie is doing his best Bill Murray from Zombieland cameo. I think the names of these guys will be the biggest drawcard.

When it comes to all the blood and gore in this film. This is another case where the filmmakers have chosen to go with the overuse of dreaded CGI blood and gore. The entire movie looks fake and childish. I would've much preferred the use of practical effects as it would have looked a lot better on the zombies. Even the zombies in the movie are pretty poorly done. They don't even use contacts for their eyes. It's just crowds of people covered in white paint and blood. They didn't even try to have our zombies walk or move like zombies, it all seemed somewhat lazy.

The film being a comedy horror, it was free of all scares and suspense. I didn't expect much going into the movie regarding tension, but a few jump scares would've made a lasting impression. Instead, the film never tries for any of that sort of stuff. They have the comedy turned up to eleven and the zombie horror on mute. This is all done for laughs. Horror fans thinking they may have Zombieland on their hands again, think again. You'll be sorely disappointed.

Lastly, the acting wasn't great. The leading actor Mat Best is charismatic, and a good looking guy and has a few funny scenes in the movie, but it's not enough to save it. Keith David is the standout in his role as a sergeant. The rest of the cast that is filled out by the women and soldiers were terrible. I couldn't even pick between them as they all eventually just blended into one big mess.

 40 (Estimated)


- Heads bashed in with an assortment of tools.
- Guts are torn out.
- People are gunned down and shot in the head.
- Someone has their penis ripped off.
- Lots of zombies are shot to pieces.
- Zombies are set on fire.
- Two toddlers have their heads blown off.
- Two people are blown up.
- A hot curling iron is shoved down someone's throat.
- Someone is shot in the head.

Range 15 is a movie I'd recommend for those looking for an immature comedy. If you're a fan of the guys who made Super Troopers and Club Dread, you'll enjoy this movie. Horror fans will be left sorely disappointed as one outweighs the other. The film while having a few laughs is a forgettable experience. The acting is hit and miss, the gore effects are lazy, and the jokes don't land often. I'd say watch with a group of mates while you're all drunk and you may end up having a better time than I did.


  1. Never been fan of horror and zombies before but this one did take an interest of mine. I think it is the good humor here that does the thing for me

    1. I didn't find the comedy personally funny but if you're a fan of comedies more than horror films, this should be right up your alley. You'll have to let me know what you think of the film.