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The Final Project (2016)

 Taylor Ri'chard


Zachary Davis
Taylor Ri'chard


Amber Erwin
Arin Jones
Evan McLean
Sergio Suave
Leonardo Santaiti
Teal Haddock
Benjamin Anderson
Tiffany Ford
Robert McCarley
Charles Orr


The Final Project which is set in 2009, sees a group of university students who decide that they want to visit a reportedly haunted plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana for their final project. The six students wish to make a documentary to try and capture any of the reported paranormal activity that has been plaguing the plantation since the place was first built. The six students will come face to face with an evil spirit who has more in store for the six students.

The definition of saturation means to the very full extent, especially beyond the point regarded as necessary or desirable. This is how I currently feel about the whole sub-genre known as the paranormal found footage movie. Ever since Paranormal Activity was unleashed on the horror audience, found footage films have literally saturated the market. Some have managed to fare a lot better than others. So where does this one come in? Where does The Final Project fall?

The Final Project may be one of the worst found footage films released yet. It follows the very same formula as the vast majority of these films. The footage is explained to be the last known footage of the victims. We then meet a person or group that decide to try and track down the place that is apparently haunted to try and capture all the paranormal activity. They end up coming face to face with pure evil and are killed off. This movie adds nothing new at all.

The story goes as followed. This group of students takes a trip into the back swamps of Louisiana. They are warned countless times by residents not to go to this haunted plantation. They still do it regardless of the warnings being issued to them. They all end up dying due to their absolute stupidity. It never tries to add a clever twist to the story, we never get any significant shock or wow moments. It's just a straightforward story of dumb university students being killed by a ghost.

During its one hour and twenty-minute running time. The movie tries to throw out a few jump scares and loud noises to jolt the audience out of their slumber, who are no doubt fast asleep at this point due to absolutely nothing happening for a good forty-five minutes of the film. The first and second act of the film is basically six university students bickering at each over a bunch of poorly constructed love triangles. Not one relationship here feels worthy of exploring or getting invested in. Not a likeable one in this group of students.

I found that The Final Project is never scary nor are there any moments of tension. I never once found myself on the edge of my seat during the movie. At times, I found myself losing all interest in the film as nothing happens in the first and second act of it. Once the horror does begin, it's left up to shaky cam running through the woods, quick cuts, and loud noises. The movie never really tries to build the suspense. It's all just really poorly executed.

The movie also lacks on violence and gore. When a movie is deprived of scares, you at least hope that you can get a hefty amount of blood, gore, and carnage to replace the scare-free plot. The Final Project doesn't have any of the red stuff being splashed about. I don't believe I even witnessed one drop of blood throughout the entire film. So here we have a film that is free of blood, violence, and suspense. There is not one real moment that can be attributed to the movie as a success.

Visually, The Final Project is a mess. The Final Project makes The Blair Witch Project and all six of the Paranormal films look like Avatar regarding slick visuals. Once the movie gets into the horror side of things, it just becomes impossible to see what's happening during a lot of the final chase scenes. Even the normal, interviews with residents of the town look poorly produced. It's not a well-made film. The poster is much slicker than the final product.

Lastly, we come to the acting in The Final Project. The acting is just terrible. This is amateur hour. I think we have a group of actors who have come fresh out of acting school and jumped into making a movie. It's very over the top and at times cheesy. I think the dialogue is also extremely laughable. There is a weird, three-way sort of love triangle between the two prideful jocks and the girl only added to the horrible conversations in this movie.



- Someone is seen drowning in a bucket of water.
- Someone is run over by a car.
- A person is pushed down the stairs and breaks their neck.
- Someone is strangled.
- Someone is dragged off by a ghost.

The Final Project is a supernatural movie where the poster for the film contains more blood and creepiness than the actual film. This is one of the worst entries in the found footage sub-genre of horror. The movie is also horribly acted and amateurish with its production. The hour and twenty minutes also amount to nothing. The film never tries anything new. If you want to watch a solid paranormal found-footage film, stick with the original Paranormal Activity.

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