Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Know You're In There (2016)

 Robert Lawson Gordon

WRITER: Robert Lawson Gordon


Will Hurst
Karin Lee
Grainne McDermott
Mindee De Lacey
Blake Newcomb


Tom Redding receives a phone call advising him that his mother has committed suicide. It's also revealed to Tom on the call that he has a disabled and catatonic sister who has been bound to a wheelchair. She is currently admitted to a mental institution. Tom was never aware that she existed and decides to take her to their mother's home to get to know her more. Little does he realise that there may be more to his sister than meets the eye.

I Know You're In There opens up with a handheld camera coming into focus. I just let out this huge sigh. The movie begins with a scene that felt very similar to those of the Paranormal Activity series. The film when using the whole 'found footage' angle feels aesthetically comparable to that franchise. Like people who grew tired of the whole J-Horror craze or the torture porn genre. I have long wanted to see found footage be buried next to those other horror crazes. The entire thing has become really tiring.

The movie is quick in getting us into the story. We are quickly introduced to our main man Tom and his girlfriend, Jamie. We immediately find out that his mother has killed herself. He's completely cold to the news and feels no sadness. It becomes quite clear very early on that Tom is not a very nice guy at all. When his character starts to do a 'Jack Torrance' towards the third act, we just don't care for him or much else in the story and are happy to see his character suffer.

The character of Chloe is the catatonic and disabled sister of Tom. She has just been newly discovered. There is a moment where Tom gets frustrated with her because she isn't responded to him or any of his questions. You know, because she's in a catatonic state? So his direct response is to slap her incredibly hard in the face while recording it. This is at a point in the movie where he hasn't started to lose his mind and yet it feels very out of place. It's at this point where I lost all interest in the film.

During our dislikable lead character losing his marbles and his girlfriend finally turning up to his recently deceased mum's house which is conveniently located in the middle of nowhere. We get glimpses at what Chloe is truly capable of, and things head into supernatural territory. The movie sadly never explains why or how Chloe is able to cause people to lose their minds and slowly change that person's mental state from normal to a psychopathic killer. I think it's been left to appear as ambiguous, but it just makes no sense in the end.

At first, I thought that the writer/director may have been trying to do a 'The Shining' type of thing where being in the middle of nowhere drives our main character insane but the ending conflicts everything that came before it. So it falls back on my original opinion that Chloe has some supernatural ability that is never fully explained. We just see her walking around and causing cameras to go all glitchy and staticky. Other than that, nothing else about the story makes much sense at all.

The third act of the movie feels very much like The Shining. It all becomes formulaic in the way the ending plays out. We have a crazed person with an axe, who is stalking his girlfriend. A person who plays an important part shows up and is killed off. It just descends into your typical horror movie ending that we've seen one hundred times in the past. The final scene before the credits begin to roll, they allude to that dreaded sequel, but after seeing this movie, I doubt we'll ever see anyone finance a sequel.

The acting here is very cheesy at times. The biggest problem here is that no one in the story is particularly likable. So the acting that the three main actors deliver just comes across as either weak or tacky. I couldn't find myself connecting to any of the performances. I also found myself not caring for any of the characters either. It's all just very messy. I think the only person that may come out of this movie unscathed is actor Will Hurst. You will probably see him in a couple of future, VOD horror releases.

The only part of the movie that warrants any points is the fact that I believe that the director had good intentions. What I believe, is that somewhere under all this mess is a story that just sadly didn't see it's full potential. I think had they tried to explain the reason Chloe was messed up and had they delved deeper into her powers or tried to explain how she is able to drive these people around her insane, I think I may have given this film a few more points. Sadly it's just a bit of a mess that could've done some tidying up, story-wise.



- A man slaps his disabled sister.
- A man falls down and hits his head.
- A man has a nosebleed.
- Someone is hit in the head with a fire poker.
- A woman is repeatedly hit with an axe.
- Someone gets hit by a car.
- Someone gets hit in the head with an axe.

I Know You're In There is a bit of a mess. Sadly once the movie wraps up its story, it doesn't make all that much sense. The film just goes through the motions and never really explains any of the big questions that I personally had with all of the individual characters or how things turned out. I was left more confused by the end of this film. Some weak acting, a lack of any real tension or scares make this film a psychological and supernatural dud.

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