Sunday, July 23, 2017

Resident Evil (2002)

 Paul W.S. Anderson

WRITER: Paul W.S. Anderson


Milla Jovovich
Michelle Rodriguez
Eric Mabius
James Purefoy
Colin Salmon
Martin Crewes
Pasquale Aleardi
Heike Makatsch
Jaymes Butler
Jason Isaacs


When a virus is purposely released into a secret underground facility called The Hive. The computer program known as 'The Red Queen' that controls The Hive has to shut down the facility to prevent the virus from escaping into Raccoon City. A military unit is sent in to shut down the computer but little do the unit realise that all of the staff and animals of The Hive have turned into blood-thirsty zombies.

Growing up, I sadly never owned a Playstation. I was more of a Nintendo kid. So my first taste of the Resident Evil games was when I acquired a Gamecube. This just so happened to be a month before the first film was released in Australian theaters. I was lucky enough to play the first game and fell in love with this series. Where some people simply consider Resident Evil a zombie survival horror game. I saw a much darker story about a worldwide corporation who was testing viral weaponry on their employers. A company trying to cover up some extremely dark secrets. Something which I imagine happens in the real world.

Playing Resident Evil, RE: 0 2, 3, and 4. The entire Resident Evil series held a special place in my heart. I still have so many memories of being in high school and inviting my friends around to play the games with the lights on because we were all pretty terrified. This is a series that still holds a lot of nostalgia for me. So when I heard that a film based on the game series was about to be released just after playing the game, I was excited to see what could be done with the premise and that it would hopefully live up to the games.

Being fifteen at the time of the film's release. I went into the movie very hyped as I was with a group of my close friends who were also fans of the games. At the time of watching the film, I came out of my screening and loved it. I got lots of zombies, I got zombie Dobermans, I got a Licker as the final monster and I got the Umbrella Corp. being the core evil entity who for the most part, delivered when it came to being a sinister and secretive organization who are trying to cover up the outbreak.

Over the next fifteen years, I have revisited the original Resident Evil several times and still find that I thoroughly enjoy the film adaptation. Watching the entire series again in preparation for The Final Chapter last week, I still find the original Resident Evil is my favourite film in the series. While the film doesn't come close to any of the games, I still think the film is a lot of fun. It's an action-packed, sci-fi, zombie film that has some solid visuals and tries to incorporate enough elements from the games to make a fan at least enjoy it on a guilty pleasure level.

What Resident Evil gets right, is that out of all six films, the original feels like it's closest in tone with the games. Yes, the original film looks very clinical. It even has a futuristic sci-fi, action feel to it all but when compared to the rest of the series, I think this is the most grounded and confined. This feels just as much a survival horror and zombie film as it does a sci-fi action film. I think we get equal doses of horror and action. I think as this series goes on, we sadly see the action take the front and center and the horror gets pushed to the back.

While Resident Evil isn't exactly scary, I still found that the film had an eeriness and sense of dread to it. I think the film also has a few solid jump scares that are well structured. I think Paul W.S. Anderson was trying to make a solidly scary film with the first film. I'm sure the guy had plans to expand the universe into what we see today from the very beginning but with the first film, I feel like he tried to make a real survival horror movie. He could've gone all the way and made a really dark, scary, and gory film but I'm hoping when they decide to reboot this series, we get a movie that is much more in line with the game.

The biggest issues that I have with Resident Evil all fall back on the fact that I wish the movie was more dark and scary like the game. Being a fan of the game, it's hard not to wish for a film that was closer to the experience that I had while playing the game. I think I would've loved a lot more time in the deserted mansion. Some of the visual effects in the first film are also a little cringeworthy but I think on a budget of 30+ million dollars, the film still looked pretty good for the time. They sadly just don't hold up when compared today's standards and improvements in visual effects.

The acting in the film is solid for the most part. This is Milla Jovovich front and center and kicking all kinds of ass. I think she is still a pretty underrated actress. I think doing a lot of action films like the Resident Evil series has people disregarding just how talented an actress she is. She is still a solid dramatic actress and I believe her whenever she shows a vulnerable side. Michelle Rodriguez is Michelle Rodriguez and you know what, I'm still loving the whole tough chick schtick that she has built her career on. I think it suits her perfectly.

The supporting cast or better known as all the men who play supporting characters to two bad ass chicks are also good. Eric Mabius who eventually becomes Nemesis in the sequel is good in this film. I don't see much of him anymore. James Purefoy as the villain of the film is great. You love to hate him when it's revealed. He's made a career of playing the bad guy and it works for him. Colin Salmon as the military unit commander has the best death scene in the entire series and Martin Crewes who plays the computer expert is also decent in his small role.

Lastly, I think it needs to be noted that I like that Paul W.S. Anderson tried to inject a lot of Alice In Wonderland influences into the story. The Red Queen, the lead is named Alice, each character being based on a character from the original story. I really enjoyed this little twist on the story. Also, I must mention the score by Marilyn Manson and Marco Beltrami. I loved the score in this film. It's industrial yet has this extremely creepy electronica vibe to it. I'd love to see Manson compose more film scores as the man is extremely talented.

 48 (Estimated)


- A lift full of people plummets to their death.
- A woman is decapitated by a lift.
- An office full of people is gassed to death.
- Dead bodies are shown laying all over the floor.
- Three people drown in flooded locked room.
- Fingers and someone's head is sliced off with a laser.
- Someone is cut in half by a laser.
- Someone is sliced into cubes by a laser.
- Lots of zombie bites.
- A zombie's knees are shot out.
- Zombies necks are snapped.
- Zombies are shot.
- Zombies are shown half their face missing and rotting skin.
- A licker is electrocuted and burns alive.
- Someone gets an ax to the head.
- A licker attacks and bites someone.
- Zombies are shot in the head.
- A soldier is eaten by a lift full of zombies.
- A zombie has its head smashed in with a desk ornament.
- Zombie infected Dobermans attack people and are shot.
- A licker rips someone from out of a train compartment.

Resident Evil isn't a perfect film. Going into this movie as a fan of the games, it's hard not to find problems when trying to compare the film adaptation of the games. Over the last fifteen years and continuous rewatches of the film, I have grown to appreciate this film for what it is and that's a stylized sci-fi zombie flick. The movie is polished, has some fun action set-pieces and some solid performances from the actors. While it lacks the intensity, scares, and gore of the games and has a few dated visual effects, it's still the best film in the series until someone has the balls to reboot the series and give us a true Resident Evil movie.


  1. Great review! I never actually made the Alice In Wonderland connection but thanks to your thoughts on it, it's definitely a theme if not a reference.

    I have a soft spot for the Resident Evil films too. The score and soundtracks for each film have been pretty rad, the first two definitely being my favourites.

    I think these films might have your highest death toll & blood/gore counts so far?

    1. The death toll has been so large that I've had to do (Estimations) as so much is going on and it's hard to count individually.

    2. Resident Evil Death Toll Drinking Game haha