Thursday, July 06, 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2017)

 Paul W.S. Anderson

WRITER: Paul W.S. Anderson


Milla Jovovich
Ali Larter
Iain Glen
Shawn Roberts
Eoin Macken
Ruby Rose
Fraser James
William Levy
Ever Anderson
Mark Simpson
Joon-Gi Lee


After the events in Washington DC, Alice awakens to find that she is the last survivor of the battle against the undead. Believing that she was betrayed by Albert Wesker as he had promised to fight alongside her. She now decides to return to where this entire nightmare first began. To The Hive in Raccoon City. She decides to stop the Umbrella Corporation once and for all before they gathered their forces of the undead and kill the last remaining human survivors.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter comes after a long four-year wait since the release of Resident Evil: Retribution. The supposed end of the 3D Resident Evil trilogy and the end to the overall film franchise has finally arrived in cinemas. While going into The Final Chapter, I can't say that I was completely sold on the film in the build-up to its big release. I was going into this final chapter with a lot of trepidation and fear. This was the first Resident Evil film where all the promotional material for the film really wasn't a big selling point for me.

First came that horrible teaser trailer. While the trailer was action-packed, gritty and had a lot of brown and earthy colour correction done to it, they decided to use Gun N' Roses - Paradise City for the entire trailer. So what we got was a Resident Evil trailer with this loud bombastic 80's hair band rock song over Alice beating the shit out of hordes of zombies. To most horror fans, I'm sure they were all creaming their jeans, but for me, this put me off completely. I get the other films have had similar trailers, I just think the song choice killed it for me.

Then came the terrible first few posters. We had these awful Hunger Game inspired posters which eventually make sense once you watch this movie but like moments throughout this series where Paul W.S. Anderson lifts scenes from other better films, these posters were a little too familiar and felt like they were directly inspired by the much better Hunger Game films. It seems Paul W.S. Anderson takes his inspirations from a lot of other places and tries to incorporate them here and they aren't always that successful.

Once I sat down and started watching The Final Chapter, I found myself enjoying this film. The story starts off extremely quickly. We are thrown right into the action. Alice uses an army vehicle to bring down a Kipepeo. It's a great way to start the film, and the rest of the movie is pretty much just as action-packed from this point on. It never really slows down from the opening scene, right up until the credits begin to roll. I'm still shocked that this movie was only made for forty million dollars as this is packed full of action, explosions and a lot of zombie and creature carnage. A lot less it seems than the previous two entries in the series.

The films standout action scene that deserves mention is a scene where Alice evades two huge armoured vehicles on a motorcycle after a huge fight on top of one of them as thousands of zombies are in pursuit. This is the highway sequence that would have Michael Bay busting a nut. We also have a really well-done scene where they catapult barrels of petrol onto the hordes of zombies below. I found a lot of the action scenes in the film were a lot of fun. Speaking of Michael Bay, I think Paul W.S. Anderson can make four large-scale action horror films to Bay's one overblown budgeted film. That takes some talent.

Another major element of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter that played well for me was how they brought the series full circle. I wrote a tweet where I stated that Paul W.S. Anderson at least deserves a round of applause for trying to bring the series full circle and for the most part, he succeeds. I got tweets back where people chewed me out, and that's alright. Everyone has their own opinions. This is a series that at times is messy and inconsistent but I was surprised and somewhat satisfied. I went in and thought they would mess it up, and I think he tried to do it justice. It's not perfect, but it worked in the context of his vision for this series.

Visually, I think Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is decent. The entire look of the film felt like Paul W.S. Anderson watched Fury Road and went and hired that film's colour correction team. The creature effects look great. I think the gore and blood are also neat. We have a few grisly moments that had me wanting to jump up and cheer. The zombie having its face impaled on a metal spike, Ruby Rose being sucked into a huge turbine and she is completely obliterated and someone having their stomach blown open by a grenade. Not the goriest film in the series but a vast improvement over Apocalypse and Afterlife.

The problems I have with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter falls back on the fact that the ending of the movie completely negates the title. If I've learned anything from a genre movie calling itself 'The Final Chapter' it never really is. I'd also have loved to see Alice have a happy ending. After fifteen years of putting Alice through the hell, I would've loved to see her get that happy ending and even though it seems positive in the end, the last sentence seems to state otherwise. I get that this is a Resident Evil film but would it have killed them to have her live out the rest of her days with Claire and the rest of the survivors sipping vodka?

Lastly, the acting as always is solid from Milla Jovovich. This is her series. If you can count on Milla Jovovich to do anything, it's giving us that badass female action hero while making us empathise with her. I want to see her survive every single movie. I want to see her safely make it out of this horrible situation she has taken on. People underestimate Milla as an actress. I stand by that comment. She isn't Meryl Streep, but if you look at every performance as Alice, she has a vulnerability even when she is the most powerful thing on screen. I think Milla is underappreciated in her time.

 108 (Estimated) + 1000's of Zombies Are Set Ablaze.


- A boy dies and turns into a zombie.
- A gondola full of people are eaten by a zombie.
- Someone is suffocated with a plastic bag.
- Someone is sucked into a huge turbine and obliterated.
- Death by pen, ice-pick, and decanter.
- Someone has their guts and stomach blown out by a grenade.
- Someone is repeatedly stabbed in the stomach.
- Every zombie on the planet dies.
- A zombie has its face impaled on a metal pole.
- A creature is decapitated.
- Lots of zombies are shot.
- A zombie is squashed.
- Human bait is shot by a machine gun.
- People are blown up.
- Someone is shot in the face.
- Someone's leg is completely crushed in a doorway.
- Two bioweapons are killed by being stabbed in the face.
- Someone falls to their death.
- Someone is bitten on the head.
- Someone has their fingers slice off.
- People are mauled by Cerberus.
- Cerberus are gunned down.
- A hand is cut off with a knife.
- Many people are eaten and bitten by zombies.
- Zombies are blown up.
- Soldiers are shot dead and in the head.
- A fish tank full of Alice clone heads.
- A flying creature is blown up and decapitated.
- A decomposed and obese zombie tries to attack Alice.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a fun ride. While the final isn't my favourite in the Resident Evil franchise, I think it was an enjoyable way to end the series. The movie has its fair share of problems, but for the most part, I enjoyed this conclusion to the franchise. I think everyone involved tried their best to bring the story full circle. Not always successful and I still have questions about certain characters here, but as an enjoyable, action-packed, zombie movie that has seen its share of downs, this is a guilty pleasure sort of film.


  1. It did try bringing the films full circle except huge storyline plot holes concerning the antidote (antivirus was in 1&2).

    I didn't like the frantic editing for more than half the film. You don't need a new cut/angle every few seconds considering Milla & Ali both can kick ass and deserved longer steady action angles.

    But those things aside, I enjoyed it. It was fun to watch, I liked the previous film references. Loved Claire back too.

    One of my favourite scenes was setting the whole damn building on fire to roast the zombies in it.

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