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Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective (2011)

DIRECTOR: Ryan Turek

WRITER: Ryan Turek


Wes Craven
Ehren Kruger
Patrick Lussier
Cathy Konrad
Marianne Maddalena
Laeta Kalogridis
Roger Corman
Lisa Beach
Marco Beltrami
Howard Berger


Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective is a documentary, one year in the making. This horrormentary delves into the success of the first three Scream films. Featuring interviews with the cast and crew of the franchise, we get a behind the scenes look at footage and all new quick cuts that provide an inside look at this iconic series that we may have never heard of before.

I've made no secret that the Scream franchise is very near and dear to my heart. I grew up on the iconic slasher series. So I was incredibly excited to see Ryan Turek's documentary on the franchise. I was hoping that I'd get an in-depth look at a series that shaped my teenage years. I've seen these Scream movies so many times that I prayed that I would at least get something new and fresh with this retrospective. For the most part, I enjoyed this documentary.

Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective was released the day before Scream 4 was unleashed on the world. I would've loved to have seen this released a few months after or a year later when the fourth entry in the series would have been included in this retrospective. It feels like a missed opportunity to do a look back on the widely popular franchise and not include the last film in the series. I'd have loved to see some talk about the fourth film.

With the documentary not including Scream 4 in the retrospective. I think that Ryan Turek lost a chance to give us even more. I understand that this took a year to make and I would never downplay the blood, sweat, and tears that it takes and would have gone into securing all these interviews with the cast and crew. Being such a fan of the franchise, I would have loved another thirty-minutes of footage. I could have honestly sat there for four hours and watched an hour of footage for each entry in the series.

I thought that the interviews with the cast and crew, for the most part, were a lot of fun. I just wasn't sure if some of them were actually archival footage or snippets from press junkets but, I enjoyed them. I wasn't sure if the director went out and actually interviewed everyone but its always great to watch the stars of this series talk about how much the franchise impacted their careers or how much fun they had working on the set and with Wes Craven.

My favourite interview moments in the retrospective with all the best tidbits were the behind the scenes people. Director, Wes Craven is one of my all-time favourite genre filmmakers. I could've just watched a two hour documentary of this master of horror talking about his take and thoughts on the Scream franchise. Wes is just so incredibly talented and smart. I loved hearing from the producers, Cathy Konrad and 
Marianne Maddalena as well as editor, Patrick Lussier. It's great hearing about all the struggles they had with the making of the series.

I loved learning about all of the troubles that Wes Craven and the production had with the MPAA on Scream. Watching the original Scream these days, the violence isn't that extreme if you compare it to a lot of other horror movies. But to hear that they had to edit the movie and return it for rating and review multiple times was a surprise. I also loved hearing about all the rewrites that were going on as Scream 3 was filming. The countless writers coming into flesh out Kevin Williamson's outline. These elements of the retrospective were a lot of fun.

Where the documentary didn't really win me over was the fanmade Scream film that opened the retrospective. I get that it was to show that this iconic franchise had hit the pop culture stratosphere, but it just felt cheap to me. I admire anyone that puts in any effort in creating a fan movie, and that shows their love for the franchise but the quality sort of didn't fit well into the documentary. The retrospective isn't some colossal budget documentary, and I can tell there is so much love here, but that part felt a little out of place.

Lastly, I just wanted to talk about the Inside Story: Scream documentary. Both Still Screaming and Inside Story came out in the same year. I much preferred this look at the franchise over Inside Story. I enjoyed that this one tried to add trivia and bits of information that people may not have known about the franchise. I thought this was a clever addition to the retrospective. I also enjoyed that they didn't just interview the main stars but a lot of the supporting cast.



- Features gory footage from Scream.
- There are snippets of death scenes from Scream 2.
- Scream 3 death scene footage.

Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective is a worthy retrospective of the first three movies in the Scream franchise. I do hope that we get a much longer documentary one day about the series. It's just sad that we will never get one with the late and great Wes Craven ever again. Still, if you're a fanatic and grew up on the groundbreaking slasher franchise. You'll no doubt find a lot to love with this look back at a series that revitalised the nineties horror genre and gave birth to one of the most successful horror movie franchises of all time.

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