Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Life (2017)

DIRECTOR: Daniel Espinosa


Rhett Reese
Paul Wernick


Jake Gyllenhaal
Ryan Reynolds
Rebecca Ferguson
Hiroyuki Sanada
Ariyon Bakare
Olga Dihovichnaya
Naoko Mori


A team of scientists aboard a space station orbiting Earth have collected a sample from Mars. They hope that the life form will prove that extraterrestrial life exists on the Red Planet. When they decide to start studying the life form who has been given the name of Calvin. They soon discover that the life form is a lot more hostile as it starts to kill the scientists one by one. The more it consumes, the larger it gets. The group will have to try and contain the threat before it's too late.

I remember when I first saw the marketing campaign for Life, I was left somewhat disappointed by it. The first piece of poster art was just the three main actors heads on a blue background. It was a very cheap looking poster but didn't give much away. I assumed as an audience we were getting a Gravity like sort of science-fiction space adventure. It wasn't until seeing the trailers where my anticipation started to spike for the film. The trailers pointed out that this wasn't Gravity but more in line with Alien. This looked pretty intense. I was suddenly excited to see it.

Being someone that has created a blog and social media that is dedicated to horror. I try and not get discouraged or overly hyped for movies because I spend a lot of my days reading a lot of opinions from fellow horror fanatics. Sometimes, I cannot help but get swept up in the hype or the negativity. I will still try and go into any movie with an open mind, though. Reviews, opinions and marketing always seem to play a part in how I anticipate it and in Life's case, I can't deny once the reviews started coming in, I was left on the fence.

When I finally decided to sit down to watch Life, I was pleasantly surprised after I had finished the film. While Life has a few problems, it's still a highly entertaining science fiction horror film. The movie isn't all that original and I can see why people have compared elements of this movie to that of the classic Ridley Scott film Alien. This feels very inspired at times by that film and while it may never live up to the original four Alien films for me, it is still a wildly entertaining alien pursuing humans while trapped in space horror film.

What Life does get right for me is that this is intense from about the twenty-minute mark. The movie doesn't take all that long in delivering the shocks and surprises and there are a few nasty ones in store for the audience. Once Life gets off the ground and starts running, it never stops. The movie delivers on what it promises and that's an extremely suspenseful and tension-filled little space horror flick. What I think sets it apart from a lot of other films in this sub-genre is that this one has a lot of bite. This goes to some grisly places.

Life is solid on the violence and bloodshed side of things. While nowhere near on the same level as say, Alien: Resurrection or Event Horizon when it comes to gore. I was not expecting this rather large-scale space film to have the balls to do a few of the things that it did in this film. The first kill scene is the highlight of the movie for me. It's brutal, it's unsuspected and when it happens, it will likely knock the audience for a six. It's a very mean-spirited scene and sets the tone for the rest of the film. I think this will subvert a lot of people's expectations.

Before witnessing Life, I remember reading a lot of negative feedback on the alien life form or creature design. I didn't know what to expect. After witnessing the film. I was completely onboard with it. What starts off microscopic turns into this hulking mass of tentacles that moves extremely quick and can crush a human. I thought the creature design was great and found it incredibly menacing. Not once did I ever feel at ease once the creature escapes in one of the coolest uses of a life form growing intelligence and using it as a way of escape, I think it's one of the best that I've ever seen put on screen.

Another element of Life that I really enjoyed were the visual effects. The movie is gorgeous to watch. All the scenes in zero gravity or the characters floating around the ship all looked great. While this doesn't have the same sound design or visual heavy scenes of Gravity, I still felt the film looked fantastic for a movie that is said to have a rather smaller budget compared to a lot of other space-set films. Coming back to the creature design, the visuals of that also looked really solid. It looked fantastic among all the actors.

The issues that I have with Life are some of the character decisions and a predictable ending. We have continuous scenes where our scientists try to set traps for this life form who keeps growing in intelligence and no matter the number of times they try, they still end up repeating their mistakes. This I felt had become very tiring as well as annoying. I found that I had guessed the ending as the plans started being set in motion. What I like about the end of the film, though is that it's a dark one. I give the filmmaker and writers credit for ending the film on a dark note and not trying to deliver a happy ending in a big Hollywood produced film.

Lastly, the acting is solid for the most part. Jake Gyllenhaal is a great actor. I need to say the same about Ryan Reynolds. Both actors are great in their respective roles. The one performance that I didn't like in the film is Rebecca Fergurson. I can't seem to grow on her as an actress. I find her incredibly cold and emotionless. It's the same thought I had while I watched her in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. She didn't give much in the way of a performance. I think this is entirely Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds movie.



- A man's fingers are completely crushed and broken.
- A man is sucked out of an airlock.
- An alien life form takes over a rat and consumes it.
- Blood pours out of a man's mouth.
- A woman drowns as her space suit feels with coolant.
- An alien life form enters a man's throat and chokes him to death.
- An alien tentacle is shoved down a man's throat.
- The alien life form tears off a man's leg and blood pours out.
- A man is shown being consumed by a large alien life form.

Going into Life, it was hard not to have reservations. I went in after missing it at the cinemas so I had seen the months of talk about the film online. Nothing was ruined for me but I think what I witnessed online about the movie was more negative than positive. For me, Life is a hell of a lot of fun. It's fast paced, the alien design is top notch, the visual effects are great, we have a couple of solid performances and when this movie needs to get nasty and grisly, it does. Minus a few silly character decisions and an ending I saw coming, I have to hand it to the filmmaker and writers for going out and ending this film the way they did. Life is definitely exploring.


  1. tommy-knocker6623 June 2017 at 07:40

    Alien ripoff. That's all I can say about Life.

  2. I don't think it's an Alien ripoff, not every outer space horror film is an Alien ripoff nor should be compared to Alien lol.

    Life for me just felt lacking, slow and anticlimactic. I did however like the alien/lifeform's design and movement. The ending gives it something - even if it's predictable to some. Definitely not hating on it though.