Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Get Out (2017)

DIRECTOR: Jordan Peele

WRITER: Jordan Peele


Daniel Kaluuya
Allison Williams
Catherine Keener
Bradley Whitford
Caleb Landry Jones
Stephen Root
Marcus Henderson
Betty Gabriel
Lakeith Stanfield
LilRel Howery


Chris and Rose are a young interracial couple who are in love. When Rose takes Chris to meet her parents at their rural estate somewhere upstate, they are happy to learn that her parents seem very accepting of their relationship. When her parents spring a friendly soirée on the couple, things start to become increasingly uncomfortable and bizarre. Chris begins to think the family may be harbouring a much darker secret.

I was, unfortunately, one of the only people this year to miss Jordan Peele's critically lauded low budget psychological horror film on the big screen. When it was released to such overwhelmingly positive reviews and a huge box office take. I felt like all the hype may have been a bit much. I kept putting it off until it was too late. Missing this movie on the big screen was a serious error on my part because after I watched it, I was utterly blown away and think it would have been great with an audience.

I'll start my review with the negative of Get Out. There is so much to love about this film and so little to dislike about it that I want to get what I thought was the bad out of the way first. We have a supporting character here who plays the best mate of our lead character who is also the comic relief here. On the one hand, he's fantastic as he appears to be the voice of reason. He is trying to get our lead character to understand the situation he has gotten himself into, but he also feels like he's also there to crack jokes as some form of levity which felt uneven at times.

What works so well in Get Out first and foremost is that this movie gets under your skin from the very first scene and never removes itself once there. This is one of the most thoroughly uncomfortable experiences that I've had watching a movie in a very long time. It never once feels perverse or gratuitous in what's happening on screen but just from what is happening in today's social and political climate, the themes in this movie feel very confronting, and this makes the experience very uncomfortable to watch for our lead character.

When it comes to the suspense and tension, I think the movie is hugely successful in building both. I believe Jordan Peele has moved away from giving the audience cheap jump scares and just slowly built the tension up. As the lead character becomes more suspicious of his new surroundings, we as the audience are right there with him as he starts to feel his racial paranoia build. I think this speaks volumes and is a testament to Jordan Peele's screenplay and his love for horror cinema.

While Get Out starts to delve into the weirder stuff early on with the hypnosis scene, shit doesn't really hit the fan until we have the reveal at an hour and ten minutes into the film. This is where the movie starts to go haywire for our leading character. While I guessed the reveal pretty early on. I must commend Jordan Peele for crafting one of the most sinister character reveals that I think I've seen in a genre film all year. Just the scene with the keys and the switch up with the character chilled me to my core even though I was expecting it.

One thing that I wasn't expecting from Get Out was the third act to be so violent and bloody. While not as extreme in comparison to a lot of horror movies today. I was so invested in the well-built tension that I was expecting this to be more suspense and low-key but was pleasantly surprised when the blood started to flow. This delivers a few nasty little surprises. One scene that involved a set of deer antlers was a cheer-worthy moment. Every single time someone is killed in this film, I was eating it up. Easy to enjoy when everyone is so despicable.

The acting in the film is excellent. Daniel Kaluuya is an actor that I wasn't aware of until Get Out. With 40 credits to his name and movies that I've seen, I feel rather ashamed that I didn't notice him because he is a fantastic lead. I suspect after Get Out, he will soon be everywhere. Allison Williams who I'm well aware from her time as Marnie on Girls is also fantastic in this movie. [SPOILERS] Come time for all those end of year lists, her character will be listed on some of those Best Villain lists. She has the best reveal in the film. It was fun to watch her play more evil and sinister.

The supporting cast is rounded out by the incredibly talented Catherine Keener who plays the matriarch of the family. A woman who is warm and welcoming but as the film goes on, you grow to hate this woman. I thought Catherine Keener looked like she was having an absolute blast with this role. Bradley Whitford was also great as the surgeon, husband and father. I thought his role was the most uncomfortable to watch as he was trying to be cool with Chris but he looks like he also had a really fun time playing this character.

Lastly, I think Get Out on a visual level is excellent. I think for a first-time filmmaker, Jordan Peele has an excellent eye for visuals. A lot of this movie looks gorgeous. The scenes where Daniel Kaluuya is strapped to the seat while watching the TV. I thought they gave me serious Kubrick or Lynch type vibes. While not going as weird as those two filmmakers, he has given us something extremely original in concept. I also need to mention that the soundtrack and score are fantastic in this film.



- A lady hits a deer with her car.
- A man is choked out and kidnapped.
- A man's nose starts bleeding.
- Someone's skull is surgically removed, and the skull cap is thrown in a bucket.
- A woman is hit by a car.
- A man blows his own head off with a rifle.
- A woman is shot in the stomach.
- Someone is hit in the head with a ball twice and bleeds out.
- Someone is stabbed in the throat with mounted deer antlers.
- A man is stabbed in the hand with a letter opener.
- A man who is in surgery burns to death.
- A woman smashes her head into the car dashboard when it crashes.
- Someone has their head stomped on.
- A man is stabbed in the leg with a letter opener.
- A woman is stabbed in the eye with a letter opener.

Get Out is a movie that lives up to the hype. Jordan Peele has delivered what I think is pretty close to a perfect film. The movie is a psychological masterpiece. The movie gives us enough sharp social satire that feels very relevant in today's political climate. The movie also has enough tension, suspense and bloodshed to keep all horror fans happy. Boasting a fantastic cast and some excellent visuals, I can't wait to see what Jordan Peele does next, and I hope it's another horror film.


  1. Get out is a good movie but a bit overrated.

    I hear they decided to do a sequel. They should just leave this as a single story. Hope jodran peele returns.

    1. I have to agree. I hope they never make a sequel and just leave this as it is. This is a story that doesn't need to be told again. The only thing I can think of is if they do a story that is a prequel and shows how the grandparents used slaves or something in the early 1990's. Something that makes mention of these people doing this for almost a century.