Thursday, April 06, 2017

Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers (1995)

DIRECTOR: Joe Chappelle

WRITER: Daniel Farrands


Donald Pleasence
Paul Rudd
Marianne Hagan
Mitchell Ryan
Kim Darby
Bradford English
Keith Bogart
Mariah O'Brien
Leo Geter
J.C. Brandy
Susan Swift


Six years after Michael Myers last terrorised Haddonfield, he has once again returned to pursuit his niece, Jamie Lloyd. Jamie who has just escaped with her newborn baby is again on the run and in hiding. Jamie will soon discover that a mysterious cult has much more sinister plans in store for her newborn baby. Also connected to the story is Tommy Doyle and a new family who have moved into the Michael Myers house.

Going into Halloween 6: The Curse Of Michael Myers. I was well aware that this movie had a pretty troubled production. I decided to hold off on reviewing the film because I wanted to watch both the theatrical version and the producers cut. I wanted to see if watching them back to back would improve the experience and make me appreciate it more after getting to see what the two different visions had in store for the sixth film in the Halloween franchise.

Not being the biggest fan of Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers or Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers. I was worried going into Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers. On the one hand, I was happy because I knew this whole 'Jamie Lloyd' trilogy was coming to an end, and not enjoying the first two films. I was happy it was ending, but I was also preparing myself for having to sit through the same film twice which I may not end up enjoying the first time around.

Watching the two different cuts of Halloween 6. I can now confirm that one version is better than the other. However, both cuts of the film are still pretty terrible movies for me. While Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 fell short of securing fresh reviews from me, Halloween 6 is the worst one yet. While it's great that just a few years later, we would see Halloween H20 bring the franchise back to soaring heights. I was glad this whole middle trilogy had come to an end.

The theatrical cut is a complete mess. The entire Cult Of Thorn subplot is just terribly resolved. The movie is butchered and edited so badly that it makes barely any sense by the films the end. Without reading up on the movie or watching the Producer cut, you'd barely make any sense of what point the film is trying to get across. I think the theatrical cut plays more supernatural but not in a good way. It leaves very important answers and scenes on the cutting room floor that explain how and why Michael has become this unstoppable killing machine.

What I like about the Producer cut is that it explains that the Cult Of Thorn had put a curse on Michael Myers as a child that made him be able to withstand a lot of damage and made him the evil monster that he will become. While I'm still not a huge fan of the whole supernatural element being added into the Halloween franchise. I think this cut of the movie makes much more sense than the theatrical cut and for that, I think this deserves a point. I do like that it attempts to tie the original to the sixth film and explain why Michael Myers suddenly snapped and is almost invincible.

Where the theatrical cut wins over the producer cut is that it's just a tad more violent and gory. The death sequences are gorier here, and I enjoyed them. Here we witness Jamie Lloyd's death and it's much more violent, as is the awful abusive father's death. Watching his head explode in graphic detail made my day and very happy. Even that neck snap, in the beginning, involves gore where the producer cut is a simple snap. I think the theatrical cut takes it that little bit further which I enjoyed. What the movie lacks in suspense, it makes up for in violence.

The ending of the movie is much better in the producer cut. While the ending in both versions ends with Michael Myers escaping, it is much more sinister in appearance in the producer cut. Michael escapes in a way where he tricks Dr Loomis, and it's pretty clever. In the theatrical cut, it's just your typical Michael Myers being repeatedly hit, injected with chemicals and a quick shot of the mask and nobody to be found. I think the producer cut shows that Michael is a lot more intelligent than just your lumbering killer. I wonder how it would have continued if Halloween H20 never existed.

Lastly, the acting in the film is pretty terrible. Paul Rudd in his first film role chews the scenery. It's great to see what a great actor and a success he has become because he is very talented. Here, he is let down by the material. Donald Pleasence is at his most unhinged in this film. I think due to his death, the ending of the film is quite sad but I love how they ended it. As I watched this movie, you could even hear in his voice that he wasn't very well, but he still gave it his all. Really wasn't a fan of Marianne Hagan as our female lead. It felt like she had not an ounce of presence on screen.



- A bloody ritual involving a baby.
- A woman's head is shoved onto a metal spike.
- Someone has their skull smashed through metal bars.
- A woman is repeatedly stabbed in the back.
- Someone has their throat slashed.
- A woman is hit with an axe, blood sprays onto sheets.
- A man slaps a woman in the face.
- A man's body is found hanging from a tree by fairy lights.
- A woman jumps out of a window.
- Five nurses are stabbed to death with a machete.
- Someone's head is completely snapped, and gore is shown.
- A woman is thrown onto farming equipment.
- Michael Myers turns on the equipment, cutting up her guts.
- A man is stabbed in the stomach.
- A man's head explodes when stabbed and shoved onto an electrical socket.
- A woman with her stomach cut open dies from her injuries.

Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers brings the Jamie Lloyd trilogy to an end. The film throws in cults, Celtic mythology and paganism into the Halloween franchise. The theatrical cut of the film is a complete mess. A lot of scenes of exposition are left on the cutting room floor making this one pretty hard to follow. While the producer cut is an improvement and we get more info on why Michael Myers is a supernatural force, I can't say I really enjoyed the sixth entry in this franchise. I am happy that this middle trilogy in the Halloween series has come to an end.


  1. Worst halloween sequel ever. I like halloween 4 and 5 but this was terrible. I may need to watch the producers cut of the film though.

    1. I don't know, Halloween: Resurrection still holds that title for me. Eeeeeek!