Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tonight She Comes (2017)

DIRECTOR: Matt Stuertz

WRITER: Matt Stuertz


Larissa White
Jenna McDonald
Adam Hartley
Nathan Eswine
Dal Nicole
Cameisha Cotton
Brock Russell
Frankie Ray


When a woman goes missing in the woods, her two friends decide to head to her last known location where they had planned to meet up for a night of drinking, sunbathing and laughs. When they arrive, they meet a group of strangers who have been drawn to this mysterious cabin in the woods. When a mysterious naked woman descends on the group of strangers and the cabin, they will need to fight to survive if they plan on making it out of this alive.

It is worth mentioning, first and foremost that Tonight She Comes has the honour of having one of the coolest looking posters of any horror movie that I've seen this year to date. The poster is eye-catching and colourful. It's a real standout. It gives me an Evil Dead, Cabin in the woods meets eighties slashers vibe. For that alone, it secures a point with me. Right now, if I were to make a list of the best horror movie posters of the year, Tonight She Comes would secure a spot on the list.

The movie opens with a woman covered in blood and alone in the wilderness. She is also pregnant. What follows is a scene where the woman repeatedly stabs herself in the stomach. This opening moment is brutal, nasty and eye-opening. I was ready for some twisted and dark horror. It's not long before we see a guy sitting in the back of a car, where the camera moves to his crotch, and we see him pleasuring himself in the backseat while his friend is driving. After this scene, it's clear on what type of horror movie you're about to witness.

This little horror flick feels like it's coming from a place that feels more in line with the Kevin Smith and Eli Roth school of horror filmmaking. We have a flick that is heavier on the dick and fart jokes than it is on the balls to the wall horror. While I love both of those filmmakers and love a good horror comedy, this can sometimes kill the vibe of a horror film. What could've been a dark and disturbing film, feels cheapened when you have endless scenes of juvenile jokes and gross-out moments added into scenes that could have been scarier.

Here we have scenes where a guy masturbates over two women who are sunbathing by a lake. The guy then decides to kiss and take photos of a naked female corpse he finds in the woods. That doesn't even come close to the ritual scene that takes place. You are unlikely to see a more stomach-churning ritual this year. Urine, semen, and a blood-soaked tampon are consumed to start a ritual. If the director's goal was to go and throw as much gross-out stuff at the audience as possible, it has succeeded in that respect. But as a horror film, it came across as childish.

What the movie doesn't contain is a single likeable character. From the best mate who defiles a corpse to these two slutty college girls who spend half of this movie trying to bang the cute mailman. They are all despicable human beings. We also have a house full of rednecks that randomly show up. Not one of these people is a person I'd root for or like to see survive this ordeal. The closest we come to someone who shows any bit of courage and leadership is the redneck daughter, and yet, she is still as gross as the rest. Even our villain who is a naked woman who is seeking revenge is given little to do besides giving birth to something demonic.

The biggest issue that I have with Tonight She Comes is that it's a movie that doesn't really answer a single thing it ends up raising. We don't ever get closure by the end of the film on basically anything that happens. We get the faintest bit of exposition, and a dialogue-heavy scene before the ritual takes place but other than that, a lot of what is shown, never really makes much sense by the time the credits roll. I don't mind a movie that tries to not give us all the answers, but when it's none of them, I was left a little annoyed more than anything.

Where Tonight She Comes really delivers is with all of that gore. This is one incredibly bloody and gruesome movie. A lot of great practical effects are used instead of badly done CGI. I can't hate on the makeup and gore effects in this film as I thought they were great. The ritual scene is probably the best use of this where all the characters are slashed, shot and maimed. We also have a couple of final kills that are nasty. I love myself any scene where someone has their eyes gouged out. So kudos to the effects team.

Lastly, when it comes to the acting, it was very hit and miss. I think the actors are let down by the script. The dialogue is incredibly juvenile, and the script calls for a lot of the performances to be over the top. So a lot of these performances come across as forced. The one that still sticks out to me the most is the old hick. His accent was so distracting that I couldn't take anything that he had said seriously. It felt like he was laying it on so thick that it was very comical. So a dialogue-heavy scene played more unintentionally funny.



- A woman is seen covered in blood and covered in stab wounds.
- A woman is slammed up against a tree while in a sleeping bag.
- A woman's naked body is found in the forest.
- A man is slashed and killed.
- A woman gives birth to something evil.
- A woman's face is melted away by acidic blood.
- Someone slices their own wrist.
- A woman cuts her brothers throat to drain him of blood.
- A woman is repeatedly stabbed in the stomach with glass.
- A woman has her eyes gouged out.
- A woman repeatedly stabs herself in her pregnant belly.
- A woman is stabbed in the arm with a screwdriver.
- A woman's throat is torn out.
- A man's body is found with his head completely crushed.
- Someone is shotgun blasted to the chest and stomach.
- A woman drains her bloody tampon and drinks it.

Tonight She Comes is a movie where the poster art for the film is much better than the finished product. With terribly childish dialogue, a cast that is let down by a less than stellar screenplay, a plot that doesn't have any resolution and utterly unlikeable characters. The outstanding blood and gore and synth-filled score can't save this film from falling below average. Had they tried to tidy up the story and have it make some sense, the rating may have been a little more positive.


  1. This film is another in a growing list of "Poster & Trailers are better than the actual film" which are getting to be infuriating. When the marketing is better than the film, it's not a good film.

    It was painful trying to get through the dialogue and plotless film, I will say the ritual scene in the final act is worth watching (it is gross and hilarious - or maybe I just found it gross and amusing) but having to get through a whole film for just one scene is annoying. The hype around this film calls it an 80s throwback....HOW? Just because you have a synth score for a film doesn't make it a throwback...especially when it's filmed on digital's another thing that pisses me have a synth score in a bad film and all of a sudden it's hailed as an 80s's not even much of a slasher film, it's more redneck/ritual/supernatural (we have possession, rituals, references to demons or whatever the hell Felicity was trying to invoke.)

    1. Nice to see we sort of agree on a movie for once. The best moment was the ritual scene for me as well. So nasty and gross that it almost made me dry-heave.