Tuesday, May 30, 2017

You Get Me (2017)

DIRECTOR: Brent Bonacorso

WRITER: Ben Epstein


Bella Thorne
Halston Sage
Taylor John Smith
Nash Grier
Anna Akana
Rhys Wakefield
Brigid Brannagh
Kathryn Morris
Garcelle Beauvais


Alison and Tyler are a young teenage couple. While at a party, Tyler is told by a fellow partygoer that he once slept with his girlfriend. Tyler is upset as he believes he would be her first. They call it quits, and Tyler meets Holly, a free-spirited and fun loving girl who he spends the night with. Once Tyler leaves Holly that night, he and Alison decide to get back together. His life is soon thrown into chaos when Holly shows up at school and infiltrates his friend's circle. Her obsession will turn his life upside down.

Growing up, some of my all-time favourite genre films were the 'Obsession' thrillers. Going into You Get Me, I was excited just for the simple fact that I've always enjoyed a movie where a woman or man turns obsessive and decides to turn someone's life upside down. I don't know why I gravitate towards these sleazy and sordid sorts of movies, but I do. So I was all settled in and got myself ready for some Single White Female type of carnage.

Does You Get Me add anything even remotely new to the 'Obsession' thriller? No. This movie pretty much follows a lot of the best and most well-known obsession thrillers in their very footsteps. When it comes to being beat for beat, this movie stays extremely close, uncomfortably so. You Get Me really does stick to all the tropes that you come to expect from this type of movie. You know what though, while I can't justify giving this a positive review. I still revelled in some of the craziness.

What You Get Me does right is that things escalate very quickly. When the shit hits the fan, and things start to go south, it's very quick. There is no waiting an hour for things to get juicy. Holly and Tyler hook up within minutes of the movie starting, and her obsessive nature kicks in immediately. What this does for You Get Me is it makes the entire hour and a half go by very quickly. This is fast-paced and brisk. I was never once bored, and for that, it deserves a point.

Being that this was a Netflix original, I was hoping that things would get really dark and brutal as the situation escalated. Sadly, this feels like the director was conflicted about his vision or how far he wanted to take some of the events in this film. So one of Holly's first lines in the film is that if Tyler swallows an Ecstasy pill, she will swallow his load. This line caught me off guard. I immediately thought that if he's as willing to give us that dialogue, gore and violence should be no problem. I was wrong.

This feels like our director wasn't scared of being sexual with dialogue or some of the teen based love scenes, but when it came to the violence, he shied away from going to some gruesome places with the violence. While there is death and violence here, this feels very light and PG-rated. You won't see much blood at all, and I was really hoping that we would be given at least a bunny being boiled or a German Shepard head being tossed through a doggy-door. When Fear, a 90's teen movie which was about obsession has a decapitated dog, and this can only muster up a suffocation, you know this is marketed for teenagers.

When it comes to the acting, Bella Thorne is the standout. While she could've gone to even more extreme places as a woman scorned, who wants revenge and to ruin a life. It's like she is only half of the way there with her performance. That doesn't say much for the rest of a cast who are all very pretty but don't really have much else to do in their roles. I didn't expect Bella Thorne to give us the depths of someone like Glenn Close or Mark Wahlberg when playing it crazy but this feels almost sedated. Still, the best of a bad bunch.

I have to admit that my music taste is pretty varied when it comes to the spectrum. I love a bit of every genre. You Get Me is catering to that tropical house crowd. Every single cut into a new scene greets the audience with a huge club banger. After that second song, it all just sounded the same to me. If you told me tomorrow that Kygo or Avicii scored the film, I wouldn't second-guess it. Another chance to impress the MTV crowd with current, club-ready tracks.

Lastly, I have to mention the set up for this movie and how frustrating it is to watch everything fall apart when a simple bit of honesty could've saved everyone the time. Tyler is given a chance to tell Alison that he slept with another girl after she broke up with him. If he had, she had no right as she also wasn't honest with him. Instead, he lies, and it throws into motion some pretty terrible events. Also, all of the lying makes their characters completely unlikeable. I ended feeling mostly sorry for Bella Thorne who is meant to be the villain. I don't think that was the intent.



- A woman is seen bleeding from the mouth after being knocked over.
- A woman suffocates her step-mother with a plastic bag.
- A girl is strung up and bleeding from a head wound.
- A man is shot in the shoulder.
- A woman is stabbed in the side with a fire poker.
- A girl is poisoned and bleeds from the nose while having an allergy attack.

When it comes to the 'Obsession' thriller, I have a huge soft spot for them. Going into You Get Me, I was expecting to eat up all the sleaziness and sordid events that were depicted in the movie. Sadly, You Get Me, like many of these films, doesn't offer up anything new. This feels like a watered-down version of the many better thrillers out there. A club heavy soundtrack, some vacant performances from everyone but Bella Thorne and some pretty silly situations drag this rather briskly paced thriller down.

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