Monday, July 17, 2017

68 Kill (2017)

DIRECTOR: Trent Haaga

WRITER: Trent Haaga


Matthew Gray Gubler
AnnaLynne McCord
Alisha Boe
Sheila Vand
Sam Eidson
Eric Podnar
Lucy Faust
Hallie Grace Bradley
James Moses Black


When a young couple steals $68.000 from a sleazy john, things don't go as planned. 

When I went into 68 Kill, I thought I was about to witness a horror movie. I had also purposely kept away from watching the trailer or any clips for the film. Knowing only the cast for the film and seeing the poster. I had initially thought this was directed by Richard Bates Jr. as he's worked with both the two leading actors AnnaLynne McCord and Matthew Gray Gubler on his three films. I was shocked to learn that he actually had nothing to do with this movie and this was just a reteam of these two actors.

I quickly discovered that 68 Kill plays like a violent, erratic, crime thriller with lots of pitch-black comedy thrown in for good measure. Some of the moments that happen within the movie could very well lend this premise to the horror genre, but I thought it was funnier than anything else. The closest movie that I could compare this with is Gregg Araki's The Doom Generation in both tone and visual style. The movie is like a blood-soaked road-trip into hell.

When it comes to the story, I don't think 68 Kill will break any new ground. The plot is pretty simplistic. Chip and Liza, a couple decides to rob the sugar daddy who Liza has been sleeping with for money. It turns out that she is much crazier than Chip initially believed when she brutally murders the sugar daddy. It just so happens that a young woman working for the Sugar Daddy witnesses the entire thing. Chip not wanting to hurt the young woman kidnaps her and takes off with the money. Liza, crazier than ever pursuits them both.

This is incredibly fast-paced, and it never once stops moving. It's the winning aspect of the film. From the very first moments that the story begins, it has this energy that feels unstoppable. The entire thing looks and feels frenetic. I think AnnaLynne McCord as Liza is what helps this along. She's playing a white-trash psychopath who loves to murder people and wants her money. She is always looking to mess stuff up. You can bet when she's around, things will blow up, and shit will hit the fan. She is a brilliant companion to Matthew Gray Gubler's Chip who plays this sappy, downtrodden, loser.

The violence is also standout here. If you want bloodshed and murder, you'll get it by the bucketloads. 68 Kill is one violent little crime film. People are stabbed, shot, have their throats slashed, women are brutally attacked with machetes, and people's arms are blown off with a shotgun. While some CGI is used to enhance the violence, which I'm not a huge fan of, this is mostly practical, and for the most part, it looks great on screen. Just don't go in expecting this to be scary as this is funny, not suspenseful.

The issues that I have with 68 Kill all fall back on the movie being a little repetitive. While I'm a big fan of all the bloodshed, carnage, and gore. It sort plays itself out. It becomes so over the top that it borders on being silly by the end of the movie. I also wasn't a fan of the subplot of the serial killer brother who likes to dissect and murder women. It begs the question of why the cops weren't ever investigating it. All seemed very convenient. It was another moment in this bat-shit crazy film that you shouldn't really ask questions about as you'll never get a straight answer.

Another issue that I had with the film is that we get a character into the mix who we believe to be a new love interest. She is kinder than Liza. They build her up to be a possible love interest with a romantic subplot for Chip. They then kill her off in such horrific fashion. It was a moment that I found incredibly cruel. I think because every single character minus Chip was bonkers and evil, her character felt like this happy ending and when she is killed, its disappointing to see her go out brutally.

Lastly, we come to the performances. The standout for me is AnnaLynne McCord as Liza. This girl does crazy well. Watch Trash Fire and Excision to see her deliver some excellent whacko performances. Matthew Gray Gubler as Chip is also great in his role. I think he plays the loser well and is sexy enough to have you feeling sorry for Chip. Alisha Boe as Violet is the light in a very dark tunnel, and lastly, we have Sheila Vand as a goth girl who dishes out some brutal punishment. I actually thought she played evil very well. A solid cast that relishes in the madness.



- Men and women have their throats slashed.
- A woman is stabbed in the side of the face with a hunting knife.
- Snuff footage of a woman being dissected is seen on TV.
- A man's arm is blown off with a shotgun.
- A woman is sliced down the chest with a machete.
- A guy is beaten with a golf club.
- Women are is shot in the throat and face.
- A man pisses out blood.
- A man is shot dead.
- We see shots of blood-soaked money.
- A man is shot in the chest.
- A woman is shown with her intestines pulled out.
- Two women are dragged into a room, and one is brutally murdered.
- A man is shotgun blasted in the penis.
- A man is hit in the head with a machete.

While 68 Kill is not a horror movie, this is a bloody and bat-shit crazy dark comedy about $68.000 that's gone missing. Filled with unsavoury characters, over the top gory violence, gratuitous sex, and some solid laughs. This is one hell of a fun time. The movie won't break any new ground, but as a sordid tale of white-trash, that is sure to offend many, it does its job well. Will it be seen as a classic? I doubt it, but I still recommend this movie to those looking for some absolute insanity.


  1. Glad you mention Trash Fire and Exicsion as I thought the same thing. Same basic cast and the style and tone feels very much the same.

    I really thought this movie was a blast from start to end. Glad to see you gave it a postivie review.

    1. I enjoyed the hell out of it. I have a soft spot for AnnaLynne McCord. She does white trash craziness very well. She's yet to really disappoint me.