Monday, August 14, 2017

Bad Match (2017)

DIRECTOR: David Chirchirillo

WRITER: David Chirchirillo


Lili Simmons
Jack Cutmore-Scott
Noureen DeWulf
Brandon Scott
Chase Williamson
Christine Donlon
Kahyun Kim
Talisa Friedman
Trent Haaga


Harris is a bit of a dating-app playboy. All he wants to do with his life is hookup and have one night stands with hot girls. When he ends up meeting his latest conquest, he may have finally met his match in Riley. After they sleep together, things quickly turn sour when Riley catches Harris out on a lie. After being deceived, Riley decides that she is going to ruin his life.

From the twisted mind of Cheap Thrills comes his take on the jealousy and obsession story. The film also deals heavily with dating apps and everything that can go wrong with them. I know firsthand and from personal experiences that using these hookup apps don't always deliver positive results. I've had strangers turn up to my unit and look nothing like their photos. I've had situations where I've asked someone to leave because things took a pretty strange and uncomfortable turn. I have even walked out on a dinner date because I wasn't feeling it. You never know what you'll get when you use these apps.

Bad Match takes a look at jealousy and obsession in the age of Tinder, Plenty Of Fish, and Grindr. We have a story that deals with the consequence of a dating app playboy who uses the wrong girl for sex and ends up paying for his lies. Watching this movie, I got a sense that the director and writer may have been a bit of a fan of Audition as there feels like there is a parallel between the basic plot of the two stories. Only, this has been updated for the millennial generation and doesn't go as far with its revenge towards our main character.

What sets this film apart from other jealousy and obsession based movies is that for the first act of the story, it's injected with a nice dose of comedy. There is an almost pitch-black and twisted spin on these types of films. For a genre that plays it straight and most of the time, dark. Bad Match is somewhat fun. It's only towards the second and third acts does the story really move into darker territory, and it begins following the tropes of the obsession film. While you'll have seen a lot of these in other movies, I still found myself enjoying this more than a lot of the other films.

After Harris meets Riley and things start spiralling out of control for him. I still liked this film. I think where this foregoes all the bunny boiling. We have updated the way that Riley can try and ruin Harris's life. With the internet being apart of everyday life, we have hacking, child porn, job opportunities destroyed. This feels like an authentic way to really shatter someone's entire world in this day and age. I think that's what sets this apart from other films of this ilk. It was nice to see an obsession film where she didn't just go on a murder spree and kills his friends or family like a lot of these other stories.

I think what also makes this more enjoyable is that with other films, you have a clear victim and villain. I guess because Harris is the playboy that uses women, you sort of don't know who to side with after Riley is used for a one night stand. This guy is quite smug. At times, I was siding with a person who is meant to clearly be the villain. Bad Match subverts those expectations for the most part. You have a scorned woman, but you almost feel sorry for her because she isn't a bad person. It's when things start to go south, do you really question who you should be rooting for here.

The third act provides a pretty fun twist. After our two characters come to blows in a scene that you would've seen in every other obsession film. The victim and the villain battle it out. It's in a revelation that throws a spanner in the works and gives us a bit of a gut-punch and downer final. The movie doesn't just ruin the lives of one person, it destroys two. It's a case of jumping to conclusions, assuming, and lessons learned. Once that mobile phone rings and all is revealed. It pulls the rug from out underneath you, and I really enjoyed the way this film concludes.

Now we come to the performances. I am a huge fan of the Cinemax series Banshee. Lili Simmons starred on the show for the entire four seasons, and I absolutely loved her in the show. Here she is in fine form as Riley. At times, I felt incredibly sorry for her character just as much as I did in seeing her dish out her brand of revenge. Jack Cutmore-Scott plays a douchebag very well. He is playing a guy who uses women. It takes talent to hate and like a guy in equal measures. You love to hate him, but you also feel his pain. I think these two also had great chemistry at the beginning of the film. If this was a romantic comedy about dating in this day and age, I think they'd have worked out well in the end.

Lastly, Bad Match isn't scary. This is a pitch-black comedy thriller. Several scenes go for jump-scares and may even work within the context of those scenes. However, it isn't a scary type of film. If you've seen the director's previous work in Cheap Thrills, you will likely know what type of movie you're in for with Bad Match. This is dark, at times violent, and somewhat hilarious. This is more about tone than it is frightening the audience. I think this film sets out to subvert and shock rather than scare those watching this hookup gone awry.



- A guy punches a mirror and cuts his hand.
- A woman is stabbed in the stomach.
- A man is smashed in the head with a glass vase.
- A woman is strangled.
- A man is seen with his teeth knocked out and a gash in his face.
- A woman is slashed with a pocket knife.

Bad Match offers up a dark and twisted spin on the obsession subgenre. Updated for the millennial and dating app age. We have a thriller that at times offers a humorous approach. What starts out funny descends into a pretty nasty little story of revenge. This movie does enough to set itself apart from other films of this type. Some great performances and a nice third act twist throws a spanner in the works. I recommend that all you lovers swipe right on Bad Match.


  1. Thx for shining a spotlight on this movie. Will def need to watch this one now after this review. Loved cheap thrills.

    1. Thanks for the comment. You'll have to let me know what you think of the film once you've given it a watch.